Toes & Knuckles Sleeves

Toes & Knuckles Sleeves

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Use Laur's Toes & Knuckles Sleeves to keep creams focused on dark knuckles and toes when applying creams at night.


Did we mention it can cut to individual knuckle or toe size?

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Enriched with a combination of herculean illuminating agents

After trying countless, cumbersome, time-consuming methods to keep knuckle creams focused on a specific area, on the toes and knuckles we finally, have a seamless solution that fit’s perfect into your skincare regime.
Simply, pull on Laur Skin Solutions™ Knuckle Sleeve over individual knuckles. Suggestion: To fade dark knuckles apply recommended cream on dark knuckles and pull-on knuckle sleeve over knuckle to secure product in place. Cut sleeves to individual knuckle or toe size.

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