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In less than 2 weeks of using face and body kit from Laur Skin Solutions I've seen some notable changes. My face is now very smooth and clean. Also before using this product I had enlarged pores, but now they are so small I can hardly notice them. Some have even closed up. Overall I can honestly say I've never seen such quick results and my entire body has a nice glow. Excited to continue using these products.

Anonymous User

Let me just start off by saying that the packaging is beautiful and looks very luxurious. I’ve been using both the Face and Body Kits for a few months now and they actually work. I’m a dark-skinned girl and have normal to oily skin which makes it a little difficult to get product that work for me. But these products are so gentle on my skin, smell incredible (without being overpowering) and have made my dark acne marks all but disappear. I really love these products and think you’ll love them to.


I have been using many products over time both high-end and low-end products and I was never satisfied. I really like this brand because aside from brightening it also hydrates the skin. I have experienced brightening products drying out my skin so bad at times my skin would literally crack at the corners of my eyes and lip areas. Really happy with these products. My favorite in face kit is the serum and lightening cream.


So far I’ve been loving the serum. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and there is a little improvement in my skin tone. But I love the product more for its consistency and how it feels on the skin 😋. It didn’t cause any reactions for me yet. I would recommend this serum for normal to oily skin types.


Hey, good night ✋
Really hope u see this, I’m so proud of my skin, it’s been literally a few weeks and my skin look GREAT, not perfect yet but WAY BETTER, an my breakouts has stopped an I’m beginning to see even skin 💃 also I’ve been drinking more water. This is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️thank u laur❤️🔥


This Face Kit is definitely worth the try!!! It’s gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling moisturized. Some products I used previously were very heavy and greasy but Laur’s products are so light on the skin that after application you can’t even tell that you have miracle working agents on your face. I love it!! Would highly recommend you give these products a try.


Since using the body brightening kit my skin is smoother, more hydrated, and brighter. I mean, I had some blemishes on my back and it’s only been 4 weeks and already they have faded. I absolutely love my new glow. These products are incredible, and I highly recommend them.


You can’t go wrong with Laur’s products. I bought my first Body Kit on a whim and was so impressed that once I ran out, I immediately bought another one. I have tried many products to get rid of my age spots to no avail. However, within just 1 week of using these products my age spots were fading. Now they are almost completely gone. The results are remarkable so I will definitely recommend you give these products a try.


I have been using these products for a couple weeks, but I can assure you the results are astonishing. I never expected this to work as quickly as it did. The overall tone of my face is evening out nicely, and my stubborn spots are also fading. This product has been effective and nourishing. Love the satisfaction guaranteed policy. At least if I wasn’t happy I would have returned it.


Really happy with this purchase. I bought the face kit and its been 5 weeks since using and already I’m seeing improvement in my skin. Best luxury products for the price.


This is the best body brightening kit I’ve ever used. If you’re hesitant to buy, due to cost, I say it’s an investment worth making. I think you’ll be really happy with these products. I’m a guy and it is working well for me.


OMG!! This actually works. I was amazed at how fast I saw results. I feel way more confident with my skin and I even cut back on makeup because I don’t have blemishes and dark marks to hide anymore. Plus my skin now has this natural glow that I can’t get over. I am a very satisfied customer.


I really enjoyed the cleanser, the creams, and the serum! All three are a 5 from me. The polish was a bit rough but diluted with water it was nice. I’d rate it (face polish) a 3/5.

Yuri Choi

I have eczema so I need to be extremely cautious about what I use on my skin. I tried these products because it’s Non-HQ and contains all natural whitening agents and I am in no way disappointed. These products are Non-Irritating and don’t cause any rash or itchiness. I now have an even skin tone and incredibly soft skin. This is by far the best lightening product I’ve ever used. Money well spent...definitely buying this again.


I’m a guy deeply concerned about my skin health, however, my job entails that I spend a lot of time in the sun which left me with a terrible tan. During the Covid lockdown I thought it was a good time to invest in my skin. After stumbling upon these products and using them for a few weeks, I’m happy to say that my tan is fading and my skin looks a lot healthier. I will continue using until I reach my goal. Awesome products.


I felt the products were hydrating and worked well with no irritation. I loved the Scrub!! Mainly the pump was my issue. I loved the body wash too I just wish the lotions were less scented. They did a good job of taking care of dry skin.

I am loving that this company has incorporated amazing skincare ingredients like retinol and vitamin C into their luxury body line. I really feel this has opened a new door for me to pamper myself. Overall, I am super impressed with the luxurious feel these products have. I have noticed a difference in my skin in only 2 weeks! My skin is softer, more hydrated and appears healthier.


Glowing, smooth, clean skin, clear, and healthy absolutely love the product.


Brightening Body Polish - this scrub is SO👏🏼NICE! It removes dead skin and patches of dry skin. Once this is rinsed off, I was left with baby smooth skin.


The products are so rich, and I appreciate things without a scent or perfume especially skin care. I love the grit level on the scrub for arms and legs. 💫💫 Highly recommended investment!


These products are literally the highest quality I have tried in a while looking for skin brightening skincare! They make my face more radiant, super polished, the smoothest texture I’ve had in a long time! They do not make my face feel greasy, instead so moisturizing, and clean! Best ingredients in skincare I’ve tried!


Absolutely love these products!!!!!!! I like that it has all natural brightening products.


I purchased the body kit and I’m excited to try. I mainly purchased be I can return products if I’m not happy. Also it is free shipping in Trinidad and Tobago.


I was sceptical at first but, I bought the face kit and I am satisfied with the results I’m seeing. Thank you, Laul Skin Solutions for making these products.


I’m using the face kit. I find that the scrub is like zo skin health face polish. I love it. What can I say about the overall kit. It is definitely worth it. They really work! For me its buying products that work without the exorbitant fees in Trinidad. I don’t have to pay ridiculous follow up fees, nor do I experience embarrassing peeling and flakes from harsh products. Its also free shipping in Trinidad!!!!!!!!!
I gave this a 5 star because it works and was convenient purchase for me. Thank you Laur!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Laur!!!
I just wanted to give you an update. I let my mom try the face kit this past week. She is 77. She has used it AM/PM only Monday through Friday, and she said her face and neck have never felt this clean and soft and look so much better. The brightening system has removed age spots from her neck which she can't believe. She is in total shock and thought the only way they could be removed would be a procedure. I am so mad at myself for not telling her to do before/after pics. I will see if she happens to have any pics in her phone that show her neck. She wanted me to tell you (Laur Skin Solutions) thank you for creating this line! 🥰


Yes! I’ll take all the brightening I can get! 😂 So luxurious.
My favorite product from this kit is their Face Brightening Serum. It is lightweight and absorbs faster to help promote the fading of acne and dark spots on the skin without leaving behind any stickiness or feeling heavy. After using this kit for a few weeks, my skin looks healthier and radiant.


My wife always complained about the blotches/sun spots on her face so I decided to gift her this. She loves it. Her face is softer, smoother and the blotches/sun spots are all clearing up. These products are great. I purchased the face kit.


Amazing products! Love the packaging, love how it feels on my skin, absolutely love the results. This is a must have. Finally, a product that does what it says!!! And it doesn’t have hydroquinone. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love the body brightening kit! It really works. Satisfaction guaranteed and free shipping in Trinidad and Tobago convinced me to purchase.



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